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Flutter is a user boundary toolkit from Google that permits you to generate striking natively built apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a solo codebase. Flutter is free and open-source, and it works with existing code. It is utilized by developers and organizations all over the world.

You'll make a simple mobile Flutter app in this code lab. You can complete the code lab if you're comfortable with object-oriented programming and basic programming concepts like variables, loops, and conditionals. You don't need any prior Dart, mobile, or web programming experience.


Why are so many businesses choosing this technology for cross-platform app development?

  • 01. App Development for Multiple Platforms - If you're new to app development, the amount of information available on how to construct an Android app or launch an iOS app can be overwhelming. Why not make apps that work on both iOS and Android? Flutter gives you access to simple cross-platform mobile app development tools that save you time and eliminate the problems that come with simultaneously developing two apps. Your task will be IOT easier if you have a single codebase for both platforms.
  • 02. Excellent user experience - Using ready-made widgets to construct apps is what Flutter app development is all about. Flutter's widget strategy, as opposed to other typical approaches like layouts, views, or controllers, enables a consistent object model and a simple development process. Everything you touch in Flutter programming is a widget, from buttons to fonts, and widgets may be merged to create more complicated layouts. Developers of Flutter apps have access to a large number of widgets that may be reused and altered to create beautiful user interfaces. Flutter's widgets, on the other hand, are structured in trees, so if you're making a large app, you'll need to plan ahead.
  • 03. Cost-effectiveness - Building a dedicated app rather than two is a massive advantage. Due to a shorter development cycle, fewer developers, and lower complexity, money will be saved. As a result, you'll be able to extract two Android and iOS apps quickly even on a limited budget.
  • 04. Google guarantees you - Because Google utilizes Flutter, apps created with it are guaranteed to receive years of maintenance from the corporation. You can count on Google to continue to repair bugs, produce new versions, and contribute as much as they can to the technology. Flutter app development is used in a number of Google initiatives, including Google Fuchsia, indicating that it will be around for a long time.
  • 05. It's a race against time - The aim of the game when it comes to mobile app development is speed. Here's how Flutter strikes the mark for developers: Any code changes are immediately reflected in the app. This is referred to as "hot reload" by Flutter, and it is defined as follows: Flutter's hot reload capability allows you to experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix errors quickly and easily. Hot reload works by inserting updated source code into a Dart Virtual Machine that is already executing (VM). The Flutter framework instantly rebuilds the widget tree once the VM updates classes with new versions of fields and functions, letting you to rapidly see the effects of your modifications. Consider how much it benefits the developer-designer connection if you take it a step farther.
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